Poipet Casino

Poipet Casino

Poipet Casino is one of the casinos that many people go to play together. And is also the largest casino in Cambodia, Poipet Casino or Khmer Casino is a casino that gamblers, whether Thai or foreign, are investing to increase their own funds. Especially Thai people, because traveling to Poipet Casino is considered difficult and very convenient. There are both tour buses and VIP buses to Poipet Casino at this Poipet Casino. Consisting of 9 major casino hotels is considered an important economic area. Of Cambodia

It is also an important trade route for both Thailand and Cambodia and also has an important commercial market, Thai-Cambodia Friendship Market Or we call it Poi Klua Market itself, Poipet Casino is also an important entry point to travel to Angkor Wat, Nakhon Pathom as well. It takes only 2 hours to travel. Therefore is a route for both Thai and foreign tourists Most commonly used

Poipet Casino is a former red area. That used to be a battleground from the battle as well

Which most areas Full of bombs And war weapons From the mud of conflict Until becoming a gold area in trade and important international contacts And is the area That investors and businessmen are aiming And want to come and start from the top businessmen from Indonesia The first casino business in these areas is the first, Holiday Palace Casino (Holiday Palace Casino) and later the Golden Crown Casino (Golden Crown Casino) was born. Up from Cambodian businessmen and soon there was another Aran Poipet Casino (Aran Poipet Casino) But eventually changed the name to Holiday Poioet (Holiday Poipet)

Since being merged with Holiday Palace during the first year of service, there are gamblers, casino tours and tourists Circulating to use a lot of services Therefore making this area even more into the eyes of many big business people coming in Requesting more investment concessions to open a casino business in Poipet Currently, there are a total of 9 casinos that make the most popular sentences “to make merit 9 temples.
“Means” go to Wat Duang Ma 9 casino “of those who like to risk the tourist Or those who come to the casino tour By all casinos in Poipet as follows

  1. Grand Diamond City (Grand Diamond City)

2.Poipet Casino Resort (Poipet Casino Resort)

3.Star Vegas (Star Vegas)

4.Holiday Palace (Holiday Palace)

5.Holiday Poipet (Holiday Poipet)

6.Crown Casino (Crown Casino)

7.Princess Crown (Princess Crown)

8.Geting Crown (Getty Crown)

9.Tropicana (Tropicana)

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